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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hey, Life? Volume V

There was a lot of laying around in college. I really really really miss those days.

Making yummy treats in the house Carrie eventually came to believe was haunted/broken into...? I think this was the summer Carrie moved about 15 bajillion times.

One of Carrie's many fits of laughter that made her cry.

Alex, me and Kev prior to a University Village BBQ. This was the summer I lived with a schizophrenic who was the sweetest girl, even if her "episodes" were a bit nerve-wracking.

It was around this coffee table that Josh told me I was going to marry Kev. I laughed at him. How could he possibly know that? Kev and I had only been dating just over a month.

Josh is a genius.


  1. keep pulling out the pics Liv, they are great! You and Kev have always been such a cute couple. I love how he's cuddling your leg in the one pic.

  2. Oh my funny!! I was so tan...and way skinner *Sigh*


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