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Monday, March 16, 2009

Hey, Life? Volume X

I've been working for the same company since February 2004. That means my five year mark has come and gone and I'm entitled to a "thank you" gift.

Kev and I researched all the items on the list I was given. He checked which ones are current items, meaning, items that aren't just rejects compared to newer models. He checked resale value on Amazon, ebay, and KSL classifieds.

When my gift comes, I'm selling it.

And I'm using the money to pay myself back for the overnight at The Homestead Resort that I planned for this Friday.

I'm so excited, even though our stay is less than 24 hours. I just have to get away from this place, this job, and the lack of heated indoor pools at my house.


  1. Lack of indoor pools in one's own home is a major discrepency.

    Way to make it right.

  2. You're smart Liv. Thats why I like you.


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