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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey, Life? Volume XI

Doesn't everyone hang out with a garage band in high school?

Technically, I didn't hang out with this garage band in high school. At least, not a lot. I came all the way from Maine to Utah and visited. That one time. Wait! It was twice!
I think some of these photos are actually from Joey's basement. I can still call them a garage band though, can't I?

Brandon, Jared and Bryan. I'm sure I still have a "demo" CD of theirs somewhere. Oh how I hope I can find it week!

And remember my friend who robbed a bank? That's him! Isn't he such a nice-looking kid? I believe I got this photo from Joey... it's so hard to remember. I'm just glad I have it. Jake and Em look so emo. Perfectly fitting since they were band groupies...

I kid. Being friends with people in a band doesn't automatically make you a groupie.

But I know I sure wished I could be one.


  1. Oh the memories those photos brought back. . .
    You're the best, Liv. Thanks.

  2. Oh, we all look so little. You know, I have another photo of Jake on Bryan's bed that was taken either right after or right before that last one you posted of me and him. It's at the beginning of my photos on iPhoto and so if I click too far, I always see his face. Fun times hanging out in Bry's basement...


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