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Thursday, March 26, 2009

What could you do in three months' time?

Kev is still looking for work. And I think I'm going to start looking for my mind soon.

I've never dealt with uncertainty well. I like to have a plan, and I like to stick with it. I like to have a foreshadowing of things to come so I know how to keep planning. When Kev lost his job, and then a temporary job didn't pan out, I had to re-write all my plans. My life is going in the exact opposite direction now. And I'm still struggling to get over the disappointments of that re-write. Even after three months of this new reality.

With this dilemma, there are no hints. There aren't any glimpses into the future. It's uncertain when Kev will find a job. It's uncertain how we'll keep paying the bills. It's uncertain how I'll keep from going insane.

I'll tell you what, though. The man has finally snapped. He did all the laundry this week BY HIMSELF.


  1. I'm sorry Liv, I remember when Sky was out of work last year, no fun at all!! I'll keep my eye open for ya!!

  2. Re-writes are hard. They are frustrating and annoying. But as one un-employeed person to the wife of another, I am so sorry. What kind of jobs is Kev looking for? I have become a pro at job searching and always come across the most interesting jobs. Let me know and I will alter my searches to help find a thing or two for him. I am keeping you guys in my prayers. It will work out. I will pray that it will be soon.

  3. He's looking for pretty much anything. He's done data collection for the county, customer service at the mall, wire assembly for Kimber Kable, window cleaning, and knows a lot of random stuff. He's applying for everything from delivery driver to maintenance work to retail.

    It's almost surreal to think it's been so long without any luck.

  4. Im sorry he lost his job and is still searching. I cant imagine how hard and frustrating that must be. We will keep you in our prayers.

    Im the exact same way I like everyone planned out and I usually do things ahead of time so if things go off track or change its really hard for me to adjust and be ok with it.

  5. I love ya Liv and I hope that something will come up soon.

  6. I know IRS is hiring right now for a lot of jobs me and my husband have applied. Its a good job with good benefits go to go to get started and make an online resume then apply for the IRS when your resume is done. Good Luck


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