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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Being poor can't squash the shoe lover inside of me.

It just stops me from buying shoes.

Nine West Barbe (red or purple) $69.00 at (which offers free shipping!).

Other varieties of the Barb (spelled without the "e" here) are available at (also with free shipping!).

Nine West Barb (blue multi-fabric) $68.95.

Nine West Barb (medium blue multi) $68.95.

Nine West Barb (purple-same as above from Piperlime ) $68.95.

I'm sorry, but I just don't spend that much on shoes. Ok, well, maybe I spend that much on shoes in a couple of months' time, but please remember that I am the girl who finds Nine West shoes for $19 at DSW. Or I hold out and buy shoes on sale at the Nine West outlet in Freeport (there's one in Park City too and I am so proud that I didn't even go inside).

It looks like I'll be holding out until these show up at DSW or I make it to an outlet to check out the deals. I love being a bargain shoe shopper. Why? Because then there is absolutely no guilt when I look at my collection and see the same shoe in four different colors. I know in my shoe-loving heart that the amount I spent on three of those four pairs is equivalent to the retail cost of one.

I'm smart like that.

On the Nine West site, the Barbe is listed at $79.oo, but it says to take 25% off which means they are selling limited styles of the Barbe (mostly faux crocodile) for $59.25 with complimentary shipping right now. Woo! Much like DSW, you can also earn points for purchases and use those towards discounts in the future.


  1. Love shoes and love your taste!! So cute!!

  2. Thats awesome you can find such good deals on way cute shoes. Or else wait for them to go on sale. Thats smart.

  3. Do you buy shoes online? I've wanted to, but a shoe is such a . . . personal thing. I just couldn't buy a shoe w/o seeing it on my foot first.

  4. I haven't bought shoes online recently, and I have to admit that I'd only feel comfortable buying Nine West shoes online since I know my size and I know what works with that brand.

    Sometimes you just can't beat free shipping though!


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