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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here comes Peter Cottontail

We had quite the weekend at the Pink House.

Sophia came up on Friday to visit. We reorganized the master bedroom since Kev and Jon finished the closets Friday afternoon (photos in the next installment of PHriday!).

While Kev orchestrated the first lawn mowing of Spring on Saturday, Sophia and I took advantage of the "buy 3 get 3 free" sale at Bath and Body Works. It's such a good deal to split the cost of three lotions and get three more free (we actually got four free!).

Some friends came by for a BBQ (including Seth!) in the afternoon and others stopped by with wonderful gifts.

Thanks to Jade who brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

And thanks to the anonymous Easter Bunny who put together a thoughtful basket with gifts for me, Kev and Maddie. It was such a wonderful reminder of the importance of being Christ-like and putting trials into perspective. There were all sorts of goodies for us: A PAIR OF NINE WEST SHOES from DSW, a carabiner belt buckle and belt for Kev, a beautiful sparkly ring and a gift card for dinner out on the town. Most importantly, the anonymous Easter Bunny shared a sweet testimony of Jesus Christ in the letter accompanying the gifts.

That basket was well-received and even elicited a few tears of gratitude from one stressed-out recipient (me).

Our afternoon at the park was enjoyed after an Easter dinner of spaghetti, rolls and veggies that stuffed us near to bursting. After recovering we ate home-made banana cream pie and ice cream.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend as well!

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  1. Well that sounds amazing!! Sounds like you had a great holiday.. What a special gift too!! Makes me want to do stuff like that more often, what a sweet thing :)


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