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Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm tickled pink

In the last few days there was some drama in the blogosphere.

Courtney, of the infamous c jane enjoy it blog, emailed me to let me know that I started it.

Now, you may be thinking that starting blog drama is not a good thing. Rest assured, in this case, it's superb!

Early last week I decided to read some posts on the Miss Musing blog (it has since been removed). I browsed some old posts to catch up, and I experienced deja vu. One post in particular had me thinking of Courtney. So I opened up her blog and *poof* I found the post that Miss Musing had blatantly plagiarised and posted as her own.

I chuckled that she would think she could get away with copying a post from such a well-known blogger. Courtney is a Utah celebrity for cryin' out loud!

I declined to comment on Miss Musing's post and instead just sent a link to Courtney via email to let her know what I'd found.

Lo and behold, a few days later, the CJane Crew was all over that like fat kids on cake. They scoured the Miss Musing site and discovered that most posts were stolen from other places on the Internet. And even though Miss Musing claimed she was so sorry and had never done anything like that before, CJane's Crew found more of her posts on Miss Musing's blog.

When I read about all this on CJane's blog last week, I didn't think that my email was the one that sparked action in her crew. I just thought that someone else had read the plagiarised posts and come to the rescue.

This morning I had an email from Courtney herself, telling me that I was the one who tipped her off. She called me a hero.

Coming from the woman who temporarily inherited three of her sister's children while raising her own new-born, I think that's pretty sweet.

Thanks for the pick-me-up Courtney.


  1. You go, girl! My list of 100 things about me has been "scraped" quite a few times by unethical "sploggers". Finding personal things that I wrote about myself on someone else's blog is horrible.

    When an offending blog has Google Adsense ads on it, you can report them for violating the terms of service (which I did). But beyond that, if you want to lodge a copyright complaint, the hoops you have to jump through are almost prohibitive.

    Thank goodness for people like you who speak up when they see an injustice!

  2. Good for you! I saw that whole thing unfold on Twitter and linked over to read all the posts. Crazy! Don't you love it when you get a little attention from the "big" Utah bloggers? Every once in awhile I get a courtesy comment from someone whose blog I comment on, and it makes my day. ... Oh, the little joys in life.

  3. Holy crap that's crazy! What was that girl thinking? Like people wouldn't know she was copying other blogs...

    What a dork.

    Anyway, way to go, you little whistle blower! I'll have to amble on over to C Jane and see what she says about it there...

  4. good work, liv!! i read about that on cjane's blog, that is so crazy! i don't know why anyone would think they could get away with that! especially if they are taking courtney's posts. i mean, come on people. she's freakin' famous.

    way to crack the case (i don't know if you watch the office or not, but last weeks episode had me in a fit of giggles! jim: how many cases have you cracked dwight? dwight: first of all,you don't crack cases, jim -- you SOLVE them. -- ah, i heart the office)!!

  5. m.e.- of COURSE i saw "the office"!! it's the comedic highlight of my week!!

    i hope dwight will be proud of my mad skills. even if i don't like beets.

  6. People actually plagiarize blog posts...?
    I mean, seriously? They ACTUALLY do that?! Whoa! How pathetic!
    I'm laughing pretty hard at that one! Good on you for "fighting crime"!

  7. YOU started that?? That is AWESOME Liv! You are famous!!! :)

  8. P.S. I linked to your blog specifically because we share a name/nickname! Hurray for LIV'S all over the world!

  9. Olivia- I feel so glam with the "Liv" nickname because I always picture Liv Tyler's gorgeous face.

    If only...


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