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Friday, April 24, 2009

An indication that I might be a bit uptight.

A friend of mine and Kev's walked over to our little PH the other night since he was locked out of his house.

We ended up going out for a quick bite to eat.

During our conversation, our friend kind of stared at me for a minute. Then he asked when my next vacation is.

Apparently, I need one.

Between calls this morning at work, I've been torturing myself by looking at vacation packages to San Diego. Right by the beach.

I really wish Kev could find a job.


  1. I just learned a new trick from my neighbor this week, who was in San Diego last week. They got a time share for $500 for the week (2 large bedrooms, stocked kitchen, living and family rooms, water slides and pools on site - a GOOD place), that usually goes for $2100/week, by looking on ebay. Who knew? Genius, I say.

  2. Hey, you can come visit me in Oregon and stay at my house for

    We've got plenty of room for you and your hubby. Heck, bring the dog.

    Although it's not as sunny and warm as California, it IS gorgeous.

    Plus, you're welcome anytime.


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