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Monday, April 20, 2009

Just another Sunday in the park.

Kev recently bought a clearance-priced grill and we broke it in on Sunday. Seth came up from SLC and we feasted on burgers and sunshine.

When our bellies were full (seriously, Maddie drank about a gallon of water) we headed off to the Ogden River Parkway for some more sun and to tire the dogs out. It's so much easier to watch "Arrested Development" when the dogs are sleeping.

Samson splashes back and forth in the river on a lead. Maddie goes off leash and just sprints along the bank barking at him. She can't stand to see him having so much fun, but she can't seem to bring herself to get in the water and go after him.

They spotted the ducks at this point. Very intense.

Someone's Secret Garden. This backyard was such a surprise! It stretches parallel to the river and is so beautiful.

The parkway makes living in Ogden worthwhile.


  1. that looks like so much fun! hopefully one of these times i'll actually go with you!

  2. Such beautiful pictures. Ducks bother Matt too, he just can't control himself around them.

  3. I happen to think burgers are sunshine are the best dining options in summer. I love Sundays. And AD. :)

  4. Kimba, I love that show so much that I had Kev call his friend (who's out of town) and get permission for us to break into his apartment (I have access with work keys) and get the final season so we could watch some of it yesterday.


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