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Friday, April 17, 2009

PHriday, Volume XVI

The hall closet after mudding.
The hall closet after priming.

The hall closet after the door was installed and the wall was painted.

The hall closet with coats. Its destiny is fulfilled!

The office/second bedroom after mudding.

The office/second bedroom after priming.

The office/second bedroom after painting and some shelf work.

The office/second bedroom closet completed! I still don't have outlets in the bathroom, so I dry and straighten my hair in the closet. Sweet. Kev is going to finish painting this room so we're keeping the closet free of clothes in order to shove all the office stuff into it to clear the room a bit.

The master walk-in after mudding.

Again, after the mudding.

The master walk-in after painting and some shelf work.

Until Kev installs a light, I have this ghetto-ugly torchiere to light my way.
I am also looking forward to getting some carpet down on that floor. It used to be part of the space-waster bathroom, and it was under the old cast iron tub.

I think this area of the house will revel in its new calling as walk-in closet.

I completely forgot about the only original closet that existed in the house. It's in the corner of the master, diagonally across from the new walk-in. It has always had Kev's clothes shoved in there, and after we got all the closets done last week we were able to reorganize the master bedroom entirely and get rid of a dresser. There is so much more space in this little corner now!

All-in-all, it has made a huge difference to have the closets done. I can actually look at all of my clothes and shoes at the same time when I'm getting ready in the mornings. It's amazing. I'm still in awe.
Now I just need to find a bedframe.


  1. i need a full shelf set for my shoes!!! i love it! you two are so talented! :]

  2. Ah, Liv, I love it! I am so envious of the shoe jealous. The pink house has really become so homey and cute in the last year. I have totally loved being able to watch it take shape.

  3. i am sooooo jealous of your walk in closet! ah, look at all that space! fabulous!

    and i love your dresser in the bedroom, it's so purty! :D

    happy houseiversary!

  4. So. Let's see. Where to start? Congrats, first of all. Again, I am completely amazed at all the work you two are doing, which sounds patronizing, but it isn't. I promise. I would like all of your coats, and GOOD HEAVENS but I am in love with your shoe shelves!

  5. Jealous of the shoe collection, my dear. Quite jealous, in fact.

    I'm impressed with the work you've done and the changes you've made. Way to go!

  6. Those pictures bring back some memories of us doing housework! How is it all going? Looks like you guys do amazing work!!


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