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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You're a quarter!

For my birthday I was spoiled. And even though it was a long time ago, I will share the reasons why:

Kev bought me a t-shirt emblazoned with "Ogden is Awesome," and a program for my computer that will allow me to digitally decorate interior and exterior spaces from an HGTV catalogue of rooms/yards, or with photos from my very own PH.

My parents sent me a disposable camera and wrote a little note telling me to pretend it's a Holga. Then I opened the second part of the present and it was some $$ to put towards a real-live Holga of my very own. Tricky little devils.

My sister bought me a copy of "Enchanted," a movie I admit I have probably seen too many times considering I'm now a quarter (according to Kev).

Both of my brothers gave me cash with explicit instructions that the money be put towards new glasses. It is possible I've been wearing broken glasses since Thanksgiving weekend of 2007. Thanks guys!

Other lovely gestures include a scrumptious lunch with Carrie and smiley Riley at The Pie in Ogden and phone calls/texts/facebook messages from friends.

It was a lovely birthday weekend celebration and I'm glad that 25 was ushered in with a bang. I'm already looking forward to next year!


  1. SNAP! I love "Enchanted" too. I finally got it on my DVR a few weeks ago, and now watch it WAY too much. That and "Meet the Robinsons", which I love even more.

    I'm glad you had a good birthday. It was good to see you last weekend, btw.

  2. So I was in UO yesterday grabbing a last minute gift for a friend and saw this, and now it's on sale on their website. I admit to knowing very little about them, so maybe this is some cheap knock off? Either way, check it out...

    (sorry for the long link)

  3. lucky girl :] im glad it was so fun! (if you get a real holga there better be pictures from it all over your blog!!)

  4. Amanda, I'm so glad to find more "Enchanted" lovers! Also, is it ok if I call you the next time I'm in Sandy visiting my brother? He's just off of 9400 and Em said you live a few exits south? I need a buddy to window shop at Nordstrom Rack sometime! Babies are welcome, I'll even hold him if you try on clothes :)

    Kimba, that Holga looks totally legit. I didn't know UO sold them! I ordered mine from Amazon for UO's sale price and got FREE shipping! yay!! I didn't get a warranty though. Holga creators say it's built for fun, not longevity. haha

  5. hahaha Jess you're funny.

    I love that your dad had/has alpacas. When they moved into the branch I was like... what? Llamas?

  6. Garrett and I always talk about getting an "Ogden is Awesome" shirt for his dad, who grew up in Ogden. But ... we're not sure if he'd take it in a good or a bad way.

    Glad you had a good birthday. It was fun to see you last weekend. :)

  7. Liv! I never got to wish you a happy birfday, but it sounds like it was excellent! Happy Birthday again!!!!


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