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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I got you, babe.

I recently reflected on some of the people I've dated, and I've come to the realization that there's no one else I could go through these trials with besides Kev.

Like, the alcoholic? Yeah. I don't think he'd be very helpful. In fact, he'd probably be the cause of all my problems.

There's also the compulsive liar who refused to answer phone calls when he knew I had caught him making up stuff. Instead, we had to conduct conversations via text message. Very annoying. We broke up twice... because I didn't cry enough the first time around, I suppose.

The best part about having Kev go through these struggles with me is his patience. It is truly never-ending. I don't know how he does it.

He started working full-time this week with a residential remodeling business. It's a trial run for now, so we'll have to see where it takes him. I'm just grateful he's getting out of the house and making money for eight hours every day.

It doesn't solve all my problems to have Kev working, but I already feel lighter. And after I (hopefully) get approved this week for anti-depressants, I believe the burden will get lighter still.

I'm looking forward to seeing the world differently.


  1. Yay Liv and Kev!! I hope this works out for you guys. That is such wonderful news!!! :)

  2. I am so glad Kevin got a job! That is wonderful news. Good luck with getting anti-depressants (you don't hear that everyday). I think I need to get into a therapist myself and get some help. I think part of my problem might be a bad thyroid though. Oh, let me know if you want to barrow those windsor pilates tapes (I hope Kevin mentioned that to you).

  3. i am SO happy for you. [i knew putting kevins name on the provo prayer roll would work :)]. best of luck to both of you! ♥

  4. So glad he found something! Even if it's a trial, it's a great start. What to go to Kev, and way to go to you for stickin' with it.

    The sun is coming, I swear it is.

  5. vince + i were actually kind of talking about this yesterday -- about past relationships. the guy i dated seriously before vince -- at the time i was convinced i'd marry him. turns out after his mission, we were totally different people who just did not go well together anymore. it's amazing how God can help guide us to the people who will best fit us, so that through the "thick + thins" of life we can make it.

    i'm so thrilled to hear about kevin, and hope it goes well for you both!!


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