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Friday, May 08, 2009

It's an old wives tale

I'm sure you're familiar with the theory that if you just stop looking for the perfect someone, they'll come right into your life.

I kinda harbored a secret hope that if I stopped looking for my job to get better, that it magically would.

Today I spent 30 minutes arguing with three students while my lunch sat on my desk getting cold.

The argument?

"Can you like, change the date that I made my payment?"

No. I cannot make it look like you paid all your rent on time so that you can get approved to live somewhere else.

Now please let me eat my cold TV dinner.


  1. I had people ask me to do this at the dental office.

    People never cease to amaze.

  2. wah, what unbelievable cheek -- as Abby above said, some people never cease to amaze.

    Reply: I'm glad you found my blog while searching to find out if Wu Travel is legit.

    What worries me is not that we bloggers didn't get paid, but that what if someone clicked on the link and booked a hotel room through them...that will be momey lost and I would have blamed myself for leading my readers to the scammers.


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