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Friday, May 01, 2009

Put your shoulder to the wheel, and try not to fall under it.

Do you know how fun it is to scare someone into thinking you have swine flu?

It's really fun, especially at 7am.

Poor Kev awoke to the sounds of my dry heaving this morning. And he was pretty convinced I had contracted this pig disease which, I hear, is all the rage right now.

But no. All I needed was two Midol and 30 minutes to lay crying on the bathroom floor before I was feeling a bit better and up to the challenge of getting back into the shower to wash the conditioner out of my hair.

I'm still a bit shaky, but thank goodness I'm at work. Really. It is so necessary that I sit at my desk and eat my pop tarts this morning.

My company has a policy that no one is allowed to take any time off in the months of May or August due to the high level of check out/check in activity. And with one co-worker on maternity and another who's already put in her two weeks' notice, things are more strained than usual this time around.

So I'm really glad I peeled myself off the bathroom floor this morning and came in.



  1. Awww Liv, I'm so sorry. I wish you didn't have to go through that. I hope you can take it easy at work today.

  2. yuck dude. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. maybe if you watch the slow loris again you will feel better.


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