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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This better be good.

I opened a package of 8 fruit snacks and 7 of them are green. I'm pretty sure that's not the best flavor.


  1. It doesn't rain but it pours! :o)

  2. hey liv, thanks for your comment, i'm so sorry that you guys have been having a tuff time also, this ecomomy sucks and Jareds been trying like the devil to get something better then making pizzas but so far no luck. I lose hope here and there, we keep getting delt crappy cards, i'd be just happy now with just making ends meet and having a budget again, i dont even budget anymore cuz i know it will make me a crazy lady to see what we have to catch up to in order to pay everything!
    theres gotta be a reason for the struggles and i honestly do believe it will pan out to something better or more worth it, until then you just gotta be the motivating factor for your husband to find that freak'n job. (no nice way to put it)
    Good luck with everything and we can totally be friends too :)


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