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Friday, May 22, 2009

This here is my main squeeze:

While I like to consider myself a grilling master, I have to admit that this meal failed. Failed miserably. The corn at both Smith's Grocery and Wal-Mart was white. Do you know what that means? That means it has absolutely no flavor. But I bought two cobs anyway. They sucked.

I also had the great idea to grill lobster, and while I enjoyed it so much I almost cried from homesickness, Kev thought the smell of my "sea bug" was going to make him toss up his flavorless corn.

He tried a few bites and then passed the plate over to me. I guess he's not much of a sea bug eater.

It wasn't a total loss though. I loved it, minus the horrible corn.


  1. While I share in your east coast adventures and should love sea bugs just as much as you...i hate them, i'm with kev on this one!

  2. Caleb would be in heaven - I have ALWAYS called crabs "spiders of the sea". I can't handle them, they creep me out!

    That lobster tail looks so fancy though!

  3. I must admit, I love seafood, but have never tried lobster because it is always so expensive! Way to be fancy, you East Coast lady!


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