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Monday, May 11, 2009

We took a trip to 1960...

Ok, not really. But I love making my photos look like this.

Kev took me to his secret rock climbing place last night.

He not-so-secretly climbed rocks while Maddie and I looked on.

It was a beautiful night.


  1. i definetly like to be pretend i'm in 1960, too. it's such a fun photo effect!

    looks like you had a well deserved evening of relaxation!

  2. Those pictures look great! You should check out this blog:
    It is a blog about a woman that decided to teach herself how to be a professional photographer and she teaches you as she learns. She is already pretty advanced, so when you look at it, you wont be able to tell, but if you go back in her history, she tells you how do neat photo effects like your pictures (I think she even tells you how to get some of the software for free). I haven't done an extensive reading of her blog, but I do like to look at it from time to time and get ideas.

  3. Cool dude. I like the one of Maddie and your husband hanging from the rocks in the background.

  4. Haha those pics are awesome. And thats a pretty cool rock!!


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