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Monday, June 15, 2009

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Someone asked me if I learned to be a nag from my mom.

I told that someone that my mom isn't a nag. My mom is straight-forward.

There were those times in Jr High she thought I was going around with boys when in reality, I'd never even kissed a boy. Also, she thought I was anorexic and smoking. Neither were true at the time or now.

She never nagged me about it though. She just asked. When I was 14 she told me she was too young to be a grandmother. I laughed. Here we are 11 years later and she still isn't a grandmother (she's still too young).

I try to watch my tone and my words around Kev. He does so much for our Pink House that I try not to make him feel like I'm never satisfied. I thanked him about 100 times on Friday because he mowed the lawn. And yesterday he fixed a door knob that broke (again) and I thanked him for that too. We even made a list of things that we can do together this week to make small but necessary improvements on the PH.

But when he tracks mud onto the front carpet and 5 minutes later accidentally sprays weed killer on the living room chair, isn't it okay for me to address the situation by telling him he'd better clean it up himself?


  1. LIV! I have your garden plans. Can you facebook me your email address so that I can send you the document? Thanks!

  2. Caleb complains that I nag him, and maybe I do. I always retort with something like, I would LOVE to not have to ask you a million times to do something, or, I would LOVE to not have to remind you to hang up your towel instead of leaving it on the bed....

    Sigh. :)

  3. um ya. I don't think you're a nag either Liv. I just can't picture it no matter how I try.


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