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Monday, June 29, 2009

Appreciating the little things.

Late Saturday night Kev started a project so he could mount his fingerboard in the hallway. That involved cutting some plywood to size in the garage. And that was an invitation for Maddie to slink in and grab scraps. I asked Kev if he'd given it to her and he just laughed. He had no idea the little wood-snatcher had snuck in to help herself to a little treat.

My treat was on Sunday when I got to see this handsome man lounging around with our cute little wood-snatcher.

She finds the weirdest positions for sleeping. I don't know how she gets so comfortable with her legs hanging out all over the place. But I love her. And him.


  1. Haha thats too funny. When Shad does projects Butterscotch usually takes the screws and hides them. Its a good thing she doesnt try to chew on them.


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