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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coming soon to a bedroom near me.

Last night my best friend and I put together his brand-new dresser.

Oh? Didn't you know? Kev is my best friend. We didn't even fight during the assembly. I only whined when it was 10pm and he was resting on the living room floor and he wouldn't get up to help me scoot the dresser away from the front door.

Putting together IKEA furniture without using the word "divorce" is definitely the sign of a good marriage.

I'm hoping that tonight Kev will let me help him when he reorganizes his clothes and moves them from his old dresser to the new one.

Want to see what's now on my IKEA wish-list? Check it out on my other blog.


  1. 'Member when I encouraged you to recklessly spend and buy this? And now I bet it looks AWESOME. I'm jealous. :)

  2. I love the dresser, its beautiful! I have only been in Ikea once and it was so overwhelming. Shad sister just moved out there so now I have a good excuse to go look while we are there.

  3. we totally almost bought this dresser for our new apartment! but we opted out for a different one.

    and ikea dressers... wow, not easy to assemble.

    good on ya' for putting it together with out bickering! :D i'll be honest -- v + i might have fought a little putting together our 2nd dresser last night. maybe. it's likely.

  4. Their directions are like general ideas. First, there's that lame blog man, waving hi with a phone in his hand. Then there's two random pictures, and poof! You're done!

    It's ridiculous. :)

    Congrats, and it looks fabulous!

  5. My lowest IKEA r.t.a. moment came when, halfway through assembling a very simple bookcase (alone... while drinking...) I realized I'd put it together backwards. Very profane, very slow curse words were shouted, tools were thrown rather deliberately and I retired to the couch with my wine. Without a word, my husband came over and began to disassemble the bookcase, fix my mistake and reassemble it again. While I watched.

    This is why I love my husband.

  6. I love all your IKEA experiences ladies!

    Also, my favorite "instruction" is the little blob guy climbing up the dresser drawers like a ladder and the big X over the drawing.

    Really? I shouldn't climb up my dresser? Dang.


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