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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Family; it's about time.

Kev and I believe in adoption.

Two years ago I convinced Kev that I needed a dog. He really got on board and gave me permission to start looking. My first stop was the city pound. All the dogs were too big for our tiny apartment on campus. Seeing the animals there made me cry.

My second stop was I spent a lot of time browsing candidates. It was at the beginning of June 2007 when I found Maddie.

She looked so ugly in her profile picture. She looked like a black blob with wide, glowing eyes. Regardless, she was the perfect size and she was listed as potty-trained. Hallelujah!

Lisa Shaw is the director of Four Paws Rescue in Logan. She agreed to have Maddie brought to Layton so that I could conveniently meet her at the local PetsMart.

Maddie showed almost no interest in me or the friends I brought with me. She just wanted to explore the property and pee on the floor. Her first impression was not a good one.

But I loved her anyway.

Kev was playing paintball with friends two years ago today. Without his official approval, I adopted Maddie. I then spent an addition $150 buying dog bowls/toys/food/kennel/leash/collar etc. She is so worth the investment.

Happy Adoption Day Maddie!


  1. What a sweet story, She seems like she is a great dog!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one that celebrates adoption days. I have to celebrate Boot's Day by myself b/c Neal still insists he 'hates my stupid cat'. But it's hard to not know they're real birthdays, isn't it?

  3. It's already been 2 years?! Crazy ness! That was such a memorable day. Thanks for letting me be there. Maddie is such a perfect dog. I think she would do anything for you guys. Sorry I made her pee on your couch that one time. :(

  4. Thanks for humoring me on my fake child's anniversary!


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