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Thursday, June 18, 2009


As mentioned earlier this week (when I defended my position as a non-nagger) Kev and I made a list on Sunday. A list of things to tackle around the house.

So far:

1 of 3 closets now has carpet.
2 hummingbird feeders have been hung.
1 temporary light has been set up over the dining room table so we no longer have to eat in the dark.
1 new line of plumbing has been routed so the outside water spout in the back of the house is fully-functional.
All boxes in the basement have been broken down and are stored much more efficiently.
And I once again sorted through clothes, shoes, purses and linens.

On that note, does anyone want to come by and check out what I'm willing to part with? I have ladies' shoes, purses and bed linens (which haven't been used since Kev and I got Maddie two years ago).

There's still a lot of purging to do, but I can't even express how wonderful it feels to not only be deep-cleaning, but keeping up with general housework as well.

I love that summer still feels like spring so I can call this spring-cleaning.

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