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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lagoon: it's what fun is!

As part of our 3rd anniversary celebrations, Kev and I both took a day off and went to Lagoon. I think it's been 11 years since I last visited the amusement park. I feel old.

We had such a fantastic day. I'd forgotten such wonderful days could exist. Every week I'm reminded of how much I was missing when I wasn't taking care of myself. I'm so grateful to be working through my depression and rising above it rather than letting it swallow me up.

Everything was so exciting for me yesterday. We visited with a couple of friends before heading to the park and once I can reconfigure the photo from Shad and Jen's driveway, I'll tell you all about the surprise we encountered when buying a small deep freezer from them!

One of the highlights of yesterday was the free order of chicken nuggets I got at Wendy's because I ordered the wrong thing and the server felt badly for me. South Ogden Wendy's is a happy place for hungry tummies.

Another highlight? Getting a $25 Lagoon pass while waiting in line to buy what would've been a $42 ticket. Someone had received too many passes from a work discount and just wanted to help out other park-goers. Way awesome. And then, while waiting in line to buy our second ticket, the woman behind us gave Kev a voucher to get another discounted ticket. We ended up saving $30 off the cost of entry. Woo!

Kev and I spent about 5 1/2 hours at Lagoon. We rode all the body slides in Lagoon A Beach and my swim suit bottoms went up my bum about 8 times. Exhilarating. The sun was shining and even after two applications of SPF 50, I'm a little pink today. I tried! I really did! Kev found us a perfect spot under a tree to lay out our towels and enjoy dapples of sunshine while we dried off. It was so beautiful. The first sunny day in a couple of weeks.

After eating our homemade lunch in the parking lot, we only had time for half a dozen rides in the park. I've decided my new favorite is Wicked. I screamed the whole time. I could barely breathe when the ride was over. Waiting in line for 20 minutes was so worth it.

Y'know what else is great at amusement parks? Funnel cake. With powdered sugar. And whipped cream. And strawberries. The best way to end our day at Lagoon.

We had such a great day together that we're hoping to schedule a return trip during the "Bounce Back" dates for which our tickets are eligible. Spending a $9-day at Lagoon A Beach sounds delightful.


  1. Ahhh! JEALOUS! I'm so Lagoon hungry! I haven't been in like 2 years and I use have a season pass and go all the time! Wicked is totally amazing, I agree! Ok Im totally planning my Lagoon day now!

    P.S. I also like that when I get home at night and lay down, I still feel like im on a roller coaster...

  2. Jealousy! I miss good ol' lagoon. It has a good smell to it, ya know?

  3. It sounds like you had a blast. Let us know when you go back. Matt and I have season passes. It would be fun to double.

  4. Yeah, I'm so glad you guys had such good luck and a great time to boot.


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