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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday afternoons are the greatest.

After I got my hair cut but before the ward party, Maddie and I had a little cuddle. It seems to be a theme of my life. I like it.

Speaking of hair cuts- I have the hookup. Thanks to the wonderful Internet, I've become acquainted with an awesome salon owner in my neighborhood. If you need a stylist who is cute as a button (and who does a great job making you look cute too) just let me know and I'll pass along her info. I couldn't stop touching my hair all day.

Speaking of ward parties- I actually had a great time. Kev and I branched out and decided to spend time with people from church outside of the three-hour block on Sunday. We had a delicious BBQ and kicked butt in volleyball. I have no idea who won, but we had fun teaching kids how to serve and laughing when we totally missed easy volleys.

It's starting to really feel like summer around here. As much as I love the rain for providing me with free water for my lawn, it's nice to see the sun once in a while.

I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend!


  1. I do need a hair cut. I know its been over 6 months since my last one. Is she very expensive? Thats fun you went to your ward BBQ. Shad and I went to our stake activity at Layton Surf N Swim and its our first ward activity since we've been in the ward

  2. That's a precious pic of you and Maddie. I love how she shows her teeth when she sleeps. That sounds like a fun ward activity - we really need to be better at going to those things.

  3. Yeah, snuggling is pretty much the best.

    So are dogs.

  4. You have the cuddliest dog and I'm rather jealous. My dog is still in the "bite everything because you never know what might be tasty and never sit down because there might be fun stuff just around the corner!!!!!!!!!" phase. -sigh-

  5. I am lucky I found Maddie! She's so cuddly that this morning she tried to climb into my robe while I sat with her during her breakfast.

    (yes, she's weird about eating)


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