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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Everything's coming up roses

Oh, it is a thing of beauty. I couldn't stand to share the before photos. Just imagine ivy and clover overtaking a part of your yard and housing hundreds of grubs, spiders, worms and potato bugs. That's the "before."

Now, it is so clean. It is so fresh. It is an actual flower bed.

I planted two hostas, two cone flowers, two lavenders and two plants with the word "popsicle" in the name. Isn't that fun? I think so.

I'm so proud of myself. Mostly because I didn't quit half-way through. It's one of my notorious traits. I start something, get tired/bored/fed up and leave it for poor Kev to finish. Today marks a great achievement for my attention span. I cleared the weeds. I tended the soil. I arranged the plants. I planted the plants. I watered the plants.

These precious red flowers were actually transplanted by Kev ages ago. They were sprouting by the driveway and he relocated them to the west corner of the PH. They are doing quite well.

We also transplanted the bricks from the back of the house. They've been chillin on the patio for... months. Kev dug them out of the lawn when we had the initial clean up last spring. They're coming in handy and I'm so happy to re purpose something we already have.

I also spread poppy seeds into the topsoil and hope to see their orange heads coming up in a month. I am so excited.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Way to go!

  2. Your flower beds look beautiful! Good job on not quiting half way through, I know how that is. The red flowers look really good, for being transplanted. I always worry that if I do stuff like that, they might die.

  3. Looks great! Anyone who can plant something and have it live is above and beyond in my book, since it's a talent I do not possess.


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