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Thursday, July 30, 2009

First things first

Now that I am awaiting the start date at my new job, I have a little business to conduct.

First on the list: spontaneously fly to Maine to visit my parents and my sister (and the dogs, of course).

August is a wonderful time to see Maine because there's a good chance of sunlight. The ocean is always too cold for my liking, but in August I can dip my toes in the water without dying.

So. That is where I'll be next week-- taking a red-eye flight to a long layover in NYC and then making my way to the teeny tiny jetport in Portland, Maine. I've already started having nightmares about the trip since flying across the country to a state without an actual airport has always been a challenge.

Please look after Kev since he'll be fending for himself and tending Maddie in my absence.

I hope he eats more than just cereal while I'm gone.


  1. Good for you. I was thinking you would take some time off before you started your new job. Have fun!

  2. that is SO what i resort to when caleb isn't home. cereal. once when i was gone for a week i left ingredients for easy to make meals, and he called one night at like, 11, saying "something had gone wrong" with his chicken pot pie, and it was still frozen in the middle. and he'd been cooking it for like, ever. how do you mess up a pre-made chicken pot pie?!

    have fun in maine! i'm so excited for your pictures. almost as if i were going myself. :)

  3. I know what you mean about the husbands and their eating habits. If I weren't here to fix Brian's meals, he'd starve to death. Or just eat Wendy's for every meal.

  4. thats so good to go visit your family, i'm sure they're excited to see you again. i keep thinking that we need to go on a walk again what is your tomorrow night like? :)


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