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Friday, July 03, 2009

Fresh picked

Another trip to the parkway to enjoy the flora. Look closely below to see the biggest dragonfly EVER.

I was reminded by the park's berries that Kev's mom has raspberries ripe for the picking! So we trucked over and planted ourselves in her backyard to enjoy nature's treat. Even Maddie got in on the action. I caught her helping herself to the berries in my tupperware on more than one occasion.

Bethany, Natalia and I also hit up DownEast Basics to take advantage of their sale (an extra 30% off all clearance items!!). It was so nice to get to know these girls better and enjoy our day off from work.
There's more to come from today so I'll see you here again soon!


  1. The flowers are beautiful and that is a big dragon fly. Raspberries sound so good right now.

  2. It is my opinion that Ogden is the undiscovered gem of the Wasatch Front.


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