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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The grass is greener in Clinton

Imagine my surprise last night when I got home and Kev told me what he had planned for the evening. Kev? Plans? Yes. Very surprising.

He's been working with a residential remodelling business this summer and his latest project is a deck. It has involved removing grass and placing posts and laying cement and other such deck-related work. The sod that he removed from the yard is of no value to the homeowner. So Kev called dibs.

That's the turn of events that led me to Clinton where I helped Kev load up my Passport with pieces of sod. Free sod. Free!

The only down side is that grass is pretty heavy. Loading it into and out of the car last night was not my favorite thing ever. But we have some real grass out front now where previously we had a big pile of dirt and weeds. There wasn't enough sod to completely fill that old flower bed, but it's more than halfway done. So I'm happy. I'm also happy that I got to ditch Kev with the dirt and grass while a friend and I took a stroll on the parkway.

I'm so glad we're picking up the pace again with projects around the house. The next major change on the list is completely fencing in the back yard so no one has to stand outside with Maddie while she takes care of business. I won't miss that one tiny bit.


  1. This post reminds me of that part in "Fun With Dick And Jane" when Jim Carrey goes out to golf courses and other places and steals bits of lawn and then loads up his little car with all of it and goes and puts it in his own yard. However, I am sure yours looks much better than his, in addition to the fact that yours isn't stolen.


  2. Abby, I felt like Dick the WHOLE TIME. It was so crazy. We didn't finish until after dark, so pictures will be forthcoming :)

  3. Thats so awesome you got free sod! I know how heavy it is, we put our yard in last summer. Shad laid it while I put 3 pieces in the wheel barrow wheeled it back and unloaded on the ground. My boss couldnt believe I could lift all that sod, he was pretty impressed. I have to say I was pretty impressed myself.


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