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Friday, July 24, 2009

Guess who is NOT excited about working on Pioneer Day?

It's Pioneer Day in Utah. That means no one is working. The WSU campus is closed. All offices are closed. Classes are out for a long weekend.

But I am here. Again. As always. Working on what should be a holiday for my state.

To add insult to injury, it's also the 75th freakin anniversary of Pioneer Days in Ogden. How lame is it that I'm missing all the festivities so I can sit at my desk and stare at the other unlucky co-workers who didn't use a vacation or sick day to stay home with their families either?

Why does my stupid company have to be in stupid Texas where there aren't any stupid pioneers to celebrate?


  1. Hey, I'm with ya — working on a holiday. Great stuff. I did sleep in, though — figured it was my holiday gift to myself.

  2. i had a CEO once who wasn't from utah... we originally had the day off as paid holiday but then he decided to be a bum and make us all work. and then, he came around all day long trying to be everyone's BFF and he kept calling it "Frontier Day". he bugged major.


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