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Friday, July 03, 2009

I didn't think she was a "real" dog until I saw her swim on her own.

For two years this dog has had an aversion to water. She wouldn't jump in. She wouldn't wade in. She didn't like being thrown in.

Until this week.

On Sunday she happily chased rocks into and around in the river. We wondered if it was just a fluke. When Kev, Bethany and I took Maddie to the river this morning we tried the river again.

Maddie couldn't wait to get in.

Just look at her face and try telling me she isn't having an absolute blast.

We could hear her breathing while we stood on the banks and cheered her. I was actually jealous I didn't have my suit on so I couldn't jump in the frigid water with her.

We were lucky to have a break in the bad weather so we could enjoy such an amazing day. I couldn't get enough of the breeze or the mountains. I couldn't shut up about how beautiful everything is where we live.

We had a wonderful time.

J'aime le soleil.

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  1. I'm so glad she still likes the water. Beckett kept trying to walk into the pond at my parent's cabin this weekend. I guess they both were affected by that fun walk.


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