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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Geranium, salvia and yellow celosia.

This gardening thing is causing me anxiety because 1) I don't want anything to die but the petunias already did; 2) I planted on two different days which means I hate the arrangement now that the second batch is in; and 3) Maddie now thinks that top soil is a delicacy.

But the side of the Pink House is so much prettier, even if my arrangement is haphazard.

The front bed is anxiously awaiting a weeding, and then it'll become home to lavender, purple coneflowers, hostas, poppies and something else tall and breezy that I can't remember.

Again, thanks to all of you for your suggestions! I can't wait until this planting part is over.

Also... I can barely stand to wait until Nikki's baby arrives! Today's the day!


  1. it looks lovely!! i wish i had a place to make my own garden!!

  2. When we were at Home Depot this last weekend and gathering herb garden supplies, the dude who worked there suggested we get two different soils, so Caleb threw both on our cart. A few minutes later as we were walking, I was like, what is that horrible stench?!? And quickly discovered it was us. We were that horrible stench. Caleb said one of the soils it. Bear is on strict orders not to go near it. Ugh....

  3. Yeaaaaaah. That topsoil is stinky. My car did NOT smell good when we finally got home to unload everything.

  4. I tried to make my garden all healthy and perfectly arranged and color-coordinated, too... until a bunch of perennials I'd forgotten about shot up and bloomed in odd places. Now, the flower bed is kind of haphazard mess, but you know what? I like it that way! It's all messy and bright and summery!

    Lesson learned: perfection has absolutely no place in a garden.

  5. EXACTLY what Heather said. And, just like all of us, plants will die. It doesn't mean you suck, it means you learned something from it and you moved on.

    And hopefully you had fun while you were doing it!


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