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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kev had never ever in his entire life been to a rodeo before.

I don't feel badly about missing the parade because we got to walk behind these people on the way to the rodeo.

Good rodeo, good company!

Members of the iFly team in Ogden did a presentation of their mad skills for us.

There was also a lot of rodeo royalty.
And feather hats with light up crowns on them.

Can't forget the barrel racing. One horse was so timid it wouldn't leave the gate. When he finally came through to the arena, he just stood there staring at the barrels like he couldn't believe what was expected of him. Poor guy.

I think I missed the memo that informed everyone that motocross stunts are now a part of the rodeo. It doesn't seem very cowboy-ish to me.

Of course, the night wouldn't be complete without yet another fireworks presentation! They were some of the best I've seen all month. Kev and I were lucky enough to see the displays at the rodeo grounds in the week preceding the actual rodeo. They were set off almost every evening and we have a perfect view from the Pink House's backyard.

It's been a great month of celebrating the nation's independence as well as the efforts of the LDS pioneers who trekked the plains so that religion could freely be practiced in Utah.

July is one of my favorite months!


  1. Thats so fun you went to the Rodeo and that Kevin had a fun first time going. Sounds like the pre-show was awesome!

  2. I like that last fireworks picture becaue it looks like know...for the rodeo.

  3. Awesome pics. I can't stop chuckling over the first one. :o)

  4. i adore that photo of you + kev! so cute! and i'm a sucker for red nails!

    horray for rodeos! (although, sadly... i've never been to one!)


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