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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold.

I feel 14 all over again. I was in 9th grade, which was Jr. High in Bountiful. I was in an honor choir that met at 7a.m. for class. It's where I met one of the friends I still have to this day.

I also branched out and tried to meet other people. It was a pretty amazing year when it came to my friends. And then my mom told me the family would be moving across the country the summer after 9th grade. So I had to say goodbye to all my dear sweet friends. Naturally, it was the end of the world to my 14 year-old self.

I feel like I'm at this stage again. My college friends are moving on for jobs. They're leaving Ogden (or they've already left). They're getting married and having babies. And I'm still here. Not moving on for a new or better job. Not starting a family. Not doing much of anything except plodding along to get that little Pink House more comfortable.

Do you know how much effort it takes to meet people when you work 9 to 11 hours a day? Also, as much as I love working in the nursery on Sundays, it means I don't have any face time with adults other than during the Sacrament meeting, which isn't an ideal place to strike up a conversation.

Regardless of the road blocks, I'm still committed to making new friends. I'm also committed to strengthening the friendships with old friends. It feels like a tall order, but I know it'll be worth it.


  1. Making friends as an adult is nearly impossible. It's not like you can go up to someone in a bar and say, "You look fun. Should we go to the beach sometime?" I met almost all my adult friends at work, which is not a very reliable method.

    I feel your pain!

  2. I hear ya. You know what else I hate? Being expected to LOVE doing "couple" things.

    Sometimes a girl just needs some time with her own friends!

  3. Also, ever feel like you've already met all the normal people in the world, and all the others are secretly hiding some bizarro, twisted past? Occasionally I'll meet someone new, think they're nice for a while, and then stumble onto some whammy of a shocker hidden just beneath the surface. It only serves to reinforce my eye-rolling nature!

    (Note: The above comment is obviously self-centered and ridiculous. But since we are of the "oldie-goldie" variety of friends, I figure you'll love me anyway. Plus, you already know my hidden dramas. :))

  4. Kris, I understand! And I wonder why I let those ppl find out where I live.

  5. Putting people in the nursery is a social death sentence. I say this after living behind a piano in the primary for more than three years. Although the calling itself was fine, I had NO church friends. I didn't even get face time with kids. Just piano keys.

    I wish I lived closer to you and Chelane and Amanda. We'd definitely hang out.

  6. I miss hanging out with you. We should get together sometime soon. When I first moved here, I was very glad that you befriended me. It's very lonely when your life changes around you.

  7. Hey Liv, your are such a sweetie! thanks so much for the gift that was so thoughful and nice, i totally love the sent! If your still having a girls night friday i'd love to come, i still dont have anything going on and i'm sure Jared wouldn't mind having the house to himself :)

  8. Em- it would be nice to get together more often! Why don't ppl warn you that when you grow up, it isn't easy to coordinate get-togethers and have sleepovers?


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