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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Move over Hermione, Ron's mine

A couple of weeks ago, Kev surprised me with a desire to see the new Harry Potter movie when I got home from teaching Pilates one evening. We packed up my purse with two bananas, two candy bars, and two (caffeine-free!) Mountain Dews. We've recently made the switch and are delighted that it tastes the same.

Anyway. The show we wanted only had loser seats left, so we bought tickets for a later show and kept ourselves occupied with a couple of video games at Fat Cats, and by snacking on our bananas in front of the Gold's Gym. We looked so healthy to all those workout people.

I love Ogden's downtown and I hope it thrives. The new attractions (plus the old) are so fun and great for people-watching.

We found a GREAT way to beat the heat too.

And we only saw one little kid try to get naked and run through the fountains.

Oh, the movie? It was a great. I've never been disappointed with a HP movie yet. I know they're different from the books, I know that people think they're ridiculous and/or over-rated. But I love them all.

I especially love Ron.


  1. I love going to see movies at the Junction. Its fun to walk around and play games at fat cats. I really do hope it does help ogden thrive.

  2. I love Ron too. I love to read all the books again before the next movie comes out. I have to say The Half Blood Prince was made the best. What was your favorite?

  3. I love downtown Ogden too...and I love that is just busy enough to have people around but not so busy that it is hectic. Just wait though, one day...I loved the new HP too. You are not alone. Ron gets better with every movie, doesn't he?

  4. i'll give you this: ron is adorable. the movies? no thanks. im glad you liked it though.


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