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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

There's always music on Mondays.

Ogden City hosts music in the amphitheater downtown every Monday night. There's usually a movie following the performance as well. After Kev and I had creamies (and Maddie played tug-o-war with his popsicle stick!) we headed out for a night of music.

We're really glad that Kev's mom Linda, who performs with a band, reminded us that there's actually something to do in Ogden on a Monday night.

I guess we look like really nice people because the cutest little boy in the whole world came over to pet Maddie and talk with us. He was so excited to tell us that he was wearing Wolverine underwear. I was excited to hear it! Kev and I love Wolverine so much we'd probably wear his underwear too.

We also got to meet this little guy, Rex. He's a 3-month-old rat terrier, which is what breed we believe Maddie is. Kev was overjoyed to see a mini-version of his dog. He often tells me he wishes he could've known Maddie as a puppy. It's pretty cute.

I bet they'd be even cuter if they had matching Wolverine underwear.


  1. How fun! We will have to check it out sometime.

  2. That looks like a really fun time. We have something like that in Albany but have never gone. I guess we will need to go check it out.

    And I must tell you, they don't sell Creamies here, and it is a cryin' shame.

  3. who knew ogden was such a happenin' place!

    and wolverine is pretty much the coolest. i wish i had those undies too.


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