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Friday, July 31, 2009

This is it

I've often wondered what it will be like to pack up and walk away from WSU's campus for the last time. I graduated in 2007 but didn't go far. I still lived on campus and worked part-time for Housing. Then, in 2008, I moved into the Pink House, but started working full-time for Housing.

I've been with this campus for 7 years. And although I've had off-campus jobs while still working on campus, WSU has basically been my life since I left high school.

Today is the day that I will know what it feels like to pack up and walk away for real.

My desk is cleaned out and cleared off. My personal photos and cards have been removed from the cork boards. My diploma is no longer hanging on the wall behind me.

It seems surreal. How can this really be my last day? How did I finally get here?

I do know that I'm glad I've worked here. I really am. Stop laughing. Let me explain.

As I've been doing my coursework for my sales agent license, I've been feeling overwhelmed. There are so many terms and statutes and procedures to learn. And 70 of the 90 hours are online, so I don't have a classmate or an instructor to turn to for tips and clarification. I'm so nervous to start something new after all this time.

But, last night as I went through a chapter on leasing, I found my confidence again. I've been doing just that for 5 years with Housing. We're technically property management, which involves leasing units to individuals according to a license agreement. I understood that chapter and started to believe that I will actually be an asset in my new job. They've told me they believe this to be so as a result of my resume, but I had yet to agree. I was underestimating myself. Thanks to Housing, I'll have one less thing to learn at the agency.

With that said, please let me know if you need any help buying, selling or renting! I'll take real good care of ya.


  1. Hooray, Liv! I'm so excited for you! Cleaning out and walking away will be a fabulous feeling, especially when you can remember to appreciate the things you did learn there.

    That was not so effective when I marched away from my cashier job at Lowe's. :)

    You are going to be FABULOUS at the new place, and you'll catch on before you know it. Practical application is always a billion times easier and more logical than the book/online reading makes it sound. Can't wait!

  2. I am so happy for you Liv! walk away and be happy!


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