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Friday, July 31, 2009

To prove that my older brother really does love me.

Waaaay back in April, Seth brought me a random birthday present. It sat in the garage on Kev's workbench until last Saturday. It took me that long to get up the strength to clean up the random birthday present and make it presentable.

You see, my brother comes up with the weirdest things to give me. One year, he brought the biggest can of pork and beans I'd ever seen in my entire life. Would you like to know what I did with it? After a couple of years I re-gifted it back to him for his birthday.

My understanding is that Seth found this gem when he was doing a job for his work that involved cleaning out storage units. Dying to know what the heck I got?

A very charming old typewriter. I really do love it. Seth said something about me needing it because I'm an English major. So I guess that means I have a connection with it. Even though half the keys don't work. It currently spells out "F U N" thanks to Kev.

I used a soft rag to wipe the first layer of grime off/out of the typewriter and then scrubbed the metal and keys with a handy Clorox wipe. Did the trick pretty quickly. I think I only watched one episode of "What Not to Wear" while cleaning.

Having such a lovely new item for my home encouraged me to rearrange the giant IKEA shelves in the front room so I could make a space for the newest addition.

I'm quite happy to see someone else's abandoned trash in my front room every day. The best part about it is that the key to move the paper feed still works and I love the "ding" it makes when it reaches the other side.

Thanks Seth, I love it!


  1. That looks really nice on the shelf, surrounded by books!

    It makes me sad, though; for my birthday one year, my best friend bought me a super-old typewriter. I hung onto it for about 2 years before I gave it away; it weighed about 20 pounds and didn't really work. I lived in an apartment and couldn't fathom where to put it.

    And now, I regret it.

  2. I've had a hankering for one since I love the look of them, but I couldn't justify buying one. I bet I could find one at a yard sale or thrift store, but I couldn't commit to digging around for one.


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