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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Much better than any of Chevy Chase's vacations.

After a huge buffet at the Broad Arrow Tavern on Wednesday in the Harraseeket Inn, I decided to walk some of lunch off with the dogs.

A little park has been developed behind my parents' house and it's perfect for getting the jitters out of the pups a couple of times a day.

It's like a little slice of the Maine woods, right in down-town Freeport.

The best part is that Zoe is trained to walk the paths off leash so I only have to fight one dog on the walk. And Baci is a breeze to walk compared to Maddie, whose only speed is FAST and SWERVY.

Today I leave Freeport. I'm sad and glad. I'm sad to say goodbye to the family, but really really happy that on Friday I'll get to see Kev when he comes to my brother's house to pick me up.

He's bringing Maddie with him too.


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  1. glad you had fun in maine! it was nice not to be the only kid i'm actually excited to get back to utah and see everyone agian! especially maddie.


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