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Friday, August 14, 2009

Back in the swing of things

This trip to Freeport taught me that I'm once again prone to motion sickness. I triumphed over that weakness many years ago, but it has come back in full force as of late. I noticed it in January when Kev and I flew to Maine for my brother's wedding, and I definitely noticed it this time around as well.

Regardless, it was a wonderful trip. My mom called today and demanded that Kev return me to Maine as soon as possible. Sadly, I have lots to do in order to get ready for MY NEW JOB.

I start on Monday and the only thing I'm stressing about is what to wear. I've maintained a promise to myself that I will not worry about anything else. I have no control over anything except my outfit and my outlook.

So. I have lots of laundry to sort through this weekend and lots of outfits to try.

Wish me luck!


  1. Thats too bad you get motion sickness. Sounds miserable during traveling. Good luck with the new job tomorrow and finding something to wear.

  2. Your outfit choice is stupendous. I approve 100%. Thanks for stopping by. I hope today goes wonderfully for you!!

  3. Choosing the First Day Outfit is stressful, for sure. Be sure to have a cocktail or two while deciding!


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