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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The best part about Wednesday:

Well. It has been quite the week. I spent a nice chunk of money on Little Miss Broken Tooth (who is back to her sweet, non-drugged up self) yesterday and proceeded to get myself into even more trouble on trouble.

Kev has been prompting me to go to a doctor for a diagnosis for this horrible cough I've had for three weeks. It's been so bad that in the middle of the night I wake up gasping and coughing and end up sleeping on the couch so as not to wake Kev. I have a hard time carrying on conversations without coughing and my lungs have started to feel achy.

I don't really know why I've put it off. I get into this mindset that I can ride out whatever is ailing me. Also a factor is the lapse in insurance coverage since I started my new job. When you take a two-week vacation before working again, not much money comes in either.

Anyway. This morning Kev urged me to go to a walk-in clinic before work. I tried to get there early, but that plan got upset when I got pulled over for speeding in a school zone. What school zone?! Sigh.

The officer was very kind, considering he'd pulled me over IN THE PARKING LOT of the clinic and I obviously needed medical attention. He even helped me pick my lung up off the pavement and stick it back in my chest.


But still. He was nice and I just have to waste one of my free evenings (what? free evenings? when?) attending traffic school. Sigh.

I met with the doctor and sighed during chest x-rays and while waiting for the results. Best part of my Wednesday? Hearing the doctor say "Holy Cow!" when he examined my chest film. Awesome.

I have "walking pneumonia." Even though that is not a popular term since it's over-used... it's what I have. And it can easily turn into full-blown pneumonia if I don't take care of it. What I really wish I could do is leave work, get my Z-pack eat it like candy and then cuddle in bed with my little chocolate chip.


  1. Aw Liv :( I'm sorry you're so sick. I hope you get over it fast!

  2. Ouch. That's just not even cool. So glad Kev made you go in though, because then things could have gotten even more expensive, not to mention unhealthy. Also very glad your little canine child is back to her old self again.


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