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Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear Kevy

I'm really glad you supported my decision to take some extra time for myself and go on a vacation to visit my family. I don't have to feel one bit guilty about the time I'm spending in Maine doing fun things because you acknowledged that I deserve this break and that you're happy for me.

However, that doesn't stop me from really really really missing you and Miss Maddie while I'm across the country, dipping my toes in the ocean and shopping the outlet stores on Main Street.

Kev, I know we've had time apart before, but it's never been this long. This is long! What was I thinking?! 10 days is much too long. That is why I've sent you a postcard every single day I've been gone. We'll get some together after I get back and that will be so neat.

I look forward to talking with you each day on the phone. I love that I usually call when you're laying down with Maddie, taking a little catnap. It's so sweet! I'm so glad she gets to have you all to herself while I'm gone. Please, just make sure she doesn't put her butt on my pillow too often.

Thank you so much for getting the bathroom lights done while I've been gone, and for doing the laundry. I'm so grateful that I get to come home to a bathroom that will feel like new again! I'm also really glad that I'll have clean undies when I get home because I'm going to run out on this trip! I'm so happy you're still doing things around the house even without me there to nag you.

Please continue to have fun at home in the Pink House without me, but not too much fun. I want you to miss me enough to be really thrilled when I get back. Don't enjoy being a bachelor with a dog so much that you "forget" to pick me up from Seth's house this weekend after I fly back to Utah.

That would NOT be funny.

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