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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My little Frankenstein monster

My little chocolate chip is recovering nicely. It was rough going when I picked her up from the vet and she almost fell over while pooping.

She was bleary-eyed and unstable and I felt nauseous for her. We made it home safe and sound and I gave her some crushed ice to rehydrate. I put her in her little bed and tried to say goodbye.

As I was going to set the Pink House's alarm, I heard Maddie crying. Not whimpering, CRYING. She cried out "MAMA DON'T LEAVE ME!!" I heard it with my own two ears. I couldn't convince her that she'd be fine if she just crawled into bed and slept off the anesthesia.

So I called Kev, almost in tears myself. The timing was just right. He'd be home in half an hour so I could go back to work. I stayed with my drugged up little pup until Kev got home from work. I passed on the instructions from the vet and went back to work for a few hours.

When I came home again, my little chocolate chip was her chipper self again. All was forgiven too. She cuddled in my lap and let me give her loves.

And she has two patches on her legs. Which warrant many new nicknames for my little chocolate chip.

Forrest Gump
Soul Patch
To name a few...

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  1. Im glad the surgery went ok. She looks so sweet in the last picture you took. Thats sad she almost fell over pooping. It always makes me feel better knowing they were put out, even though they come home loopy and dont really act like themselves. Thats good Kev came home to be with her, I dont think I could leave my dogs after something like that.


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