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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The dingo stole your baby... not me.

Nikki and Mike have a sweet little bundle. She's three months old now. I can't help but call her "pumpkin." She has the most perfectly rounded cheeks I ever did see.

Will you just LOOK at them?!
GAH!! Oh little jolie one, I will not call you "pumpkin" your whole life. Just for as long as you have those cheeks.
And really, this night of photos is supposed to be about Alicia's wedding reception. But I was too involved chatting with Mike, Nikki, and Kev that after saying hi to the lovely bride I kind of forgot where I was.
Nikki took all of these photos, so I don't take any credit. And I don't take any credit for little pumpkin, even when someone comes up to me and says "My wife and I had our first at three years too." That's lovely for you but this pumpkin isn't mine. I only took some Holga photos that night so it'll be a while until I have more delicious prints to share.

Alicia, congratulations on the nuptials. You couldn't have looked more beautiful and happy.

Nikki and Mike, thanks for sharing little pumpkin.


  1. Wow, I didn't know Alicia got married. That is great. Those pictures of you holding "pumpkin" are pretty cute.

  2. It's only right and fitting that that baby is called 'Pumpkin' by you. She is gorgeous.

  3. Aw thanks for posting these! You are adorable holding her. YA, I loved the 3-year comment by the fellow table-sitters! You can call our Jolie Pumpkin any time you want :D She loves it, and you!


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