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Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm a domestic goddess who just happens to work 47 hours a week outside the home.

It's true. I work a lot. And it usually isn't at home. It definitley isn't crafting. It definitely isn't raising a family. But it pays the bills and keeps us insured.

However, I have a firm belief in keeping house. There is absolutely nothing better than coming home after an extremely long work day and seeing the living room free from clutter and the bed fully made. I love that. I love deep cleaning my house before a vacation. Coming home after a trip is always better when your home is spotless.

Another one of my domestic goddess traits is fairly new. I have fallen in love with preserving fruit. And when I say fruit I really mean about 6 billion pounds of pears. My new friend Melissa stopped by on Saturday and we spent 5 hours canning. We mostly focused on jam (because who doesn't love jam?!) and only made a few cans of preserved slices. While it was freakin hard work, it was fun. Do you know how easy it is to get to know someone when your hands are anxiously engaged in work side-by-side? It was lovely.

We made 20 quarts of preserved fruit stuff (I'm counting the one I spilled on the table/chair/floor!). It feels so good to know how to do something so useful. It was totally worth spending a Friday night at Zjani's earlier this month to learn how.

What makes you a domestic goddess?


  1. That sounds so awesome. I'm kitchen-challenged, so I'm only allowed to take things out of the freezer to thaw, chop vegetables, stuff like that.

  2. I don't know if I would ever call myself a domestic goddess (you would think I should be an expert with being home all day), but I am learning how to become so. My dream is to become one some day.

  3. i made jam a few weeks ago and it definitely made me feel domestic :] umm...i also love shopping and keeping our house stocked with joshs favorite things: cereal, spaghetti, and cheese


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