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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's very rare I accomplish everything on my weekend to-do list.

When one of the tasks is this beautiful and fun, it's very easy to check it off the list.

Seth brought his canoe up with him and on Labor Day we drove through the 12th Street canyon to Causey Dam.
Seth, Kev, Bethany and I had fun canoeing in the Dam water.

Stop aquatic hitch hikers!

The water was way too cold for me and Bethany, but the boys enjoyed some swimming, cliff jumping, and a little deep-water soloing.

Lest you believe the boys did all the rowing, it is a fact that I rowed up front on the way to our picnic spot.
We also did a few other activities over Labor Day weekend. The results of that will be revealed in another installation of PHriday!

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