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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The person after whom I was named

I got lucky that my mom didn't get her first choice: Donata. My grandpa's Italian name is Vito Donato and Gail thought putting an "a" at the end would make it more feminine. Um, no in America that would just make it Spanish for "you're welcome."

Donata is legitimately an Italian name, meaning "donated" or "given from God." It is rather beautiful, but I'm still glad it's not my name.

Moving on with the story-- it was eventually determined I'd be named "Livia" and my middle name would be my grandpa's surname, "Senese." Molto Italiano, si?

I've been introducing myself to a lot of new people in my new job, and almost everyone asks where my name comes from. I've been saying it's a very popular Italian name, and usually the response is: "I've never heard of it."

That's because we don't live in Italy. It's ok.

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