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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seriously, it's such a big deal that even Kev felt badly for me

It's originally from Urban Outfitters. But of course, I got it years ago and can't find a replacement there or on Etsy or Amazon.
It's the end of a fashion icon in the Pink House.


  1. That really sucks. I hope you can find something close. Good luck.

  2. Oh how sad. Im sorry you lost your necklace :( I always hate when I come home and Im missing an earring because I cant wear them anymore.

  3. Did you lose yours? Mine BROKE! It's so sad :( If you want we can try to fix it and share it!

  4. Mine is broken as well. I don't know how it happened! It was in my jewelry stand.

  5. same thing here. Ugh. We should complain to UO. So lame!


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