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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There aren't any locks on the doors, for real.

I have a history with LLBean. It's in my hometown. When I visited Freeport this summer, my sister and I came across this display of every catalogue cover LLBean produced. So fun!

They have life-time warranties on their products. So my Grandpa's 20-year-old-worn-out-boots can be replaced for free.

It's open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. It never closes. So when you're bored and in Freeport, check out LLBean. Wander around. Buy a postcard. Try on a pair of famous Bean Boots.

Also, please please please try their chocolate covered cranberries.

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  1. My dad loves LL Bean. I remember when I was little I thought it would be so cool to have a jacket from there since my dad loved it so much. Thats so cool about guarantee on their products. No wonder my dad loves it.


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