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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When these dogs finally pass out, I promise you I hear angels singing.

On Friday morning, my brother dropped his dog Samson off at my Pink House. I went to work and then Kev texted me that Sam had peed on Maddie. He does that. He stands over her while she pees and he accidentally pees all over her. Yay.

Kev hosed her off and then left the two dogs in the cellar while he was at work. Sam didn't break the door down, which immediately earned him points. He usually employs any and all methods possible to break free from whatever structure holds him back from his people.

We've been lucky that he hasn't torn the house apart trying to get out. He has, however, broken us down mentally. He likes to bark at nothing during the night. Like, many many times during the night. Kev and I each have to get up a couple of times every night to calm Sam down and remind him he's fine. I feel like we have a newborn. Only there aren't any perks of a nice little snuggle after everyone's calmed down. I'm so exhausted I fear I may fall asleep every time I blink my eyes.

Other than the lack of sleep, it really hasn't been as bad as I thought it might be. After a day Sam and Maddie usually settle into a quiet routine of sleeping and chewing bones. It's a relief after the initial 24-hours of constant barking and play-fighting.

Dog-sitting Sam always reminds me that Maddie is definitely all the dog I can handle.

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