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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

UPDATE Dear darling readers- UPDATE

Kev wants me to be better at showing my gratitude. He wants to offer you 50% off, and when the man puts his foot down, I listen (he doesn't do it often). Please accept my apologies for not offering you a better discount. And if you win, you have Kev to thank for 50% off your purchase in my shop.

(I had a friend in my early college years and I never said his name without prefacing it with "Dear darling..." I don't know why. But I like it. Moving on.)

I am happy to offer a discount for my necklaces to those of you who are so kind as to stop by and visit my little part of the Internet.

Unfortunately, I cannot do so without a small catch. But with the catch and the original bonus, there's also ANOTHER bonus. Are you confused yet? You can receive a discount for a purchase in my shop as well as enter to win a FREE necklace from Jess' shop. All you have to do is head over to Jess' blog and comment. At Jess' blog you can get multiple entries, so be sure to check out those instructions. So. To break that down: Jess' giveaway is the second bonus to you. The original bonus to you is the discount I'm offering for use in my Etsy shop.

I will choose a random comment from this here post and bestow upon you a 50% discount on any item in my shop. If you win, will you do me another little favor? Will you post about my shop on your own little part of the Internet? Whether it be Facebook, a blog, twitter... etc... just let me know about it. I'd greatly appreciate the gesture. I can't keep making necklaces unless the ones I've already made sell. It's the hump I have to get over in order to convince Kev it's a good idea. You catch my drift, right? He's so practical.

So, dear darling readers. There you have it. A chance to win a vintage necklace from Jess and a chance to get 50% off in my shop. I'll accept comments until Friday, October 30th at midnight (MST). Winner will be announced over the weekend or on Monday. Whenver I can remember :)

Thanks again for stopping by, and for offering such kind feedback on the necklaces!

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  1. thanks dear! you are too kind. oh, and this is my entry for your discount. haha :]


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